In Athens today between the signatory
__________________________of ____________, resident of____________
street ___________________
and Georgiou Georgaka,Lawyer,resident of Athens Ippokratous 13 str, have agreed and accepted that:

1.The first signatory assigns the second signatory lawyer the irrevocable command that regards the interest of the commander ,as individualy his own or with partners or assistants pursues apparitory or executive or ammicable the satisfaction of his demand against____________________________________________________

2.Fee that will be paid in the the signatory lawyer with the makings of the article 92 of the Lawyer code fixed to 20 per cent [20%] of the rogatory with the judgement amounts and interest , the fee will be owed even if the dispute will be settled with any way ,ammicable,or compromised,so the fee will be calculated with the amount that will be paid ammicable or compromised.
3.The fee assigned with the present to signatory lawyer makes him eligible to collect the fee from any natural person or corporate body and any και οποιοδήποτε fund desk or bank that are charged ,with the notice of this letter of procupation.The signatory cannot spare this per cent for him after assigned with the present to the signatory lawyer Georgios Georgakas.
4.The trial expenses and the lawyers fee that will be assesed in the case of a trial and any other relevant expense and fee ,such as signing a check or the order to execute and other expenses belong to the signatory lawyer from now on are assesed and transfered with the present ,which will be granted yo collect those directly from the debtor,together with the lawyer fee that has been assesed.
5.In the case of failure of the trial or the ammicable actions for the satisfaction of the first signatory , the second Lawyer signatory has no merit to ask form the first any fee and expenses.
6.The second lawyer signatorytakes the responsibility to pay the needed expenses until there is a determinate decision or ammicable satisfaction of the demands of the first signatory.
7.It is agreed that for the status of any compromisation ,partial or full payment,expunction of debt,recognition of no existend debt as from the relinquishment from the right from the side of the first signatory ,it is demanded the synergy of the second signatory lawyer ,without with the action is canceled.
8.The above fee that has been agreed will be owed to and payed to the lawyer even if the demands after effects of the signatory lawyer are recognised and payed with any way before the discussion of a relevant action at law,either if the action is charged to the name of the first signatory, or in the name of other partners that have similar demands.
9.In the case that the commander will assign other lawyers for the same case , the present agreement and the signatory lawyer deservers the above fee excluding from thee feee any payment to the other lawyers.
For this purpose the commander grants th the signatory lawyer the command and the letter of procupation of the above case to represent him in any law-court and executive principle or executive board or executive court of any kind.